1. B. Cleanroom Cleaning Equipments
  2. Whether disinfecting or cleaning floors, walls, ceilings or inside bio-safety cabinets and isolators, PACS has a mop or cleaning tool that meets the demanding requirements of today’s high-tech industries. Many of our mops are available validated sterile for use in aseptic environments. Mop hardware and bucket systems are fully autoclavable, unless otherwise noted. We also offer a selection of mops and buckets for customers with limited storage space.
    1. Edgeless mopping system: EL mop – Original / Textured / Long
    2. VertiKlean wall washing system: VK/MVK/LVK mop and Sox
    3. EasyCurve
    4. EasySat Bucketless floor mop
    5. QuickTask
    6. Bucket