1. D. Cleanroom Consumables
  2. No matter what industry you work in, PACS can be your one-stop-shop for all of the cleanroom consumables. We have everything from cleanroom wipes, cap, facemask, gloves to sticky mat. PACS offer all these clean room supplies and more at competitive prices.
    1. Wipers
    2. Bouffant cap / mop cap clip
    3. Facemask
    4. Disposable coverall
    5. Disposable labcoat
    6. Disposable Isolation gown
    7. Sleeve cover
    8. Glove
    9. Finger cot (latex/nitrile)
    10. Shoe cover
    11. Disposable booties
    12. Sticky mat
    13. Pouch
    14. Cleanroom paper (A1 / A4)
    15. LDPE cleanroom clear (transparent) bag