1. C. Cleanroom disinfectants
    1. Alcohols
    2. Biocides
    3. Low residues disinfectants
    4. Detergents – sterile neutral detergents
    5. Sterile water
    6. Hand Hygiene
  2. PACS has been representing and distributing various international brands of cleanroom consumable products like Ecolab Contamination Control (formerly known as Shield Medicare), a manufacturer of sterile cleanroom disinfectants.

    Research has proved that conventional trigger sprays used with cleanroom disinfectants ‘suck back’ air, meaning the contents of the bottle can be contaminated from the first moment of use, leading to a spread of contamination around the cleanroom. ‘We believe our system is the only validated protected closed trigger spray system on the market and delivers fully in accordance with the recommendations of the MHRA.

    The system developed by Ecolab Contamination Control ensures that the trigger spray operates as a closed system due to the vacuum created in use, with the dip tube providing the only point of entry into the bag of sterile liquid. The patented and unique way the trigger head works forms a complete seal, preventing any air being drawn into the bottle.

    Unique vacuum and particulate testing has been undertaken which has proved that the trigger and bottle combination creates and maintains a closed system which protects the sterility of the contents indefinitely, with a recommended best practice of in use shelf life of three months.

Unique Sterishield Delivery System

Our trigger sprays are specifically designed to ensure NO RISK of product contamination during manufacture.

Trigger Spray Video
Click here for Step by step how to download certs from Ecolab website.