Prudential Ampri Cleanroom Services Sdn. Bhd (PACS), is your best choice for a One-Stop-Solution when it comes to Cleanroom laundry, Cleanroom ESD Garment range of Jumpsuit, Smock, Booties, and other consumable products like pharma grade Sterile IPA, Biocides, Glove, Disposable Coverall, and more. Our vast experience in the cleanroom and contamination control industry is well known as we serve client from local to multinational companies. We carry the best contamination control brands which are GMP certified, to cater to the most demanding industry today, such as Life Sciences, Healthcare, Microelectronics and Food Industry.

Our presence & services have been growing steadily and today we are able to offer our services throughout the whole of Malaysia and Singapore.

Cleanroom Laundry

One stop cleanroom laundry services for smock, coverall, ESD booties or any other cleanroom garments. Suited for manufacturing industry, pharmaceutical, food, electronics, and more.

Garments are washed, dried and packed in an ISO Certified cleanroom using purified water and specially approved detergent.

Years of professional experience have made us one of the most recognized cleanroom laundry providers.

Cleaning & Disinfectants

Keeping a cleanroom clean and according to it’s proper standards are always a challenge especially when choosing the right disinfectant, sporicides or cleaning tools.

Our selection of GMP certified cleanroom products with reputable companies are able to satisfy the most stringent requirement in today’s challenging regulations.

Suited for Pharmaceutical, Hospitals, Laboratories, Electronics or Food manufacturers.

Premium Medical Scrubs

PATMED is our range of professionally designed medical scrubs. Look good, and feel even better, with various colours and fit cutting.

Made with imported COOLMAX™ fabric that keeps your cool with the moisture wicking feature. This keeps you feeling comfortable all day long, especially in a hot and humid climate. 

Interested to find out more first hand? Request an appointment and our sales consultant will be in touch. Request Here

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