Cleanroom Laundry

PACS’s cleanroom laundry facility caters to various industry such as Pharmaceutical, Electronics manufacturer, food and other types of manufacturing industry where cleanroom plays a crucial part in the company’s eco system.

Our cleanroom used for laundry are ISO certified and washed according to ISO 14698-1:2003 standards.

We welcome clients who have their own cleanroom garments and require specialized cleanroom laundry service. Feel free to contact us for further details.

Cleanroom "Laundry & Sterile" Service

We are able to sterile laundered garments using gamma irradiation method. This is particularly required for specific industry such as Pharmaceutical manufacturers or healthcare industry. 

Gamma irradiation is safe, reliable and highly effective at treating a wide variety of products with varying densities. With the ability to penetrate products while sealed in their final packaging, ensuring full sterility of the product.

Garment Rental Solution

Our rental system provides an all-in-one solution for companies when it comes to managing their cleanroom garment supplies.

The concept of rental means, we supply the number of garments such as coverall and booties that are needed, arrange for weekly washing and ensuring damaged garments are being repaired automatically before being sent to you.

Pay for what you need, increase or decrease inventories as needed, be in control of your budget spending, receive important reports such as number of washes and most importantly free up time to manage your core business.
Get in touch with us to understand further.

Sterile Repacking Solution

Some products used in the healthcare industry are required to be sterile in order to be used. Example of such products are cleanroom wipes, eyedrop bottles, hairnet, facemask, mop head or even isolator pads.

To achieve this, we provide re-packing service in our cleanroom facility and products are then sent for gamma irradiation to achieve full sterile condition. 

Sterile packed items are double bagged, marked with batch number and expiry date plus a certified sterile sticker that turns red after being gamma irradiated.

We have also invested in our own inhouse autoclave facility which is planned to be up and running by the end of year 2021. By having autoclave facility, we are able to extend sterile services faster as on demand basis.

Cleanroom Garment Design & Manufacturing

Our award winning manufacturing facility is able to design and customize your cleanroom garment needs with ease. We understand the tedious and strict process involved in certain industry when it comes to selecting and using fabric that meets their cleanroom requirements. With our years of experience, we are able to recommend suitable fabric and design that will cut short your sourcing time spent.

Speak with us to design your next ESD Coverall, Smock, Booties, hood and more.

Garment ESD & Particle Testing

Cleanroom garments are the most important component in ensuring a contamination free environment. We are able to provide various types of ISO tests to ensure garments are compliant in terms of particle filtration and ESD.

ANSI/ESD Test includes:
Surface resistivity
Sleeve to sleeve resistivity.

IES-RP-CC003.2 Particle count test includes:
Helmke Drum Test

RFID & Barcode Tracking

Keep track of your garments wash cycle, location and even tag it with staff id to identify the person wearing it. This is all possible by implementing RFID and Barcode solution. Our facility is fitted with high performance RFID reader and system to capture, tabulate and track inventory for your convenience.

Do away with manual counting and reduce human error as RFID technology is able to capture the total quantity of garments which are submitted, processed and delivered back to customers.

Product Training & Consultancy

In addition to supplying cleanroom consumables and cleaning products, we are able to extend our training and consultancy services for customers that requires so.

This is part of our after sales program which are custom made for cilients that needs to understand in depth of products, usage and other technical information.

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