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Prudential Ampri Cleanroom Services (PACS) is a certified ISO 9001:2015 company.

PACS started out as a joint venture between Prudential Overall Supplies of the USA and Ampri Rubberware Industries of Malaysia. As of year 2015, PACS is fully owned by Ampri Rubberware Industries of Malaysia.

The core business of PACS is to provide Contamination Control products and services to cleanroom customers in the Microelectronics, Data Storage(Disk Drive), Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology, Medical Device and Healthcare industries/Hospitals.

This includes laundry for cleanroom garments which are different from normal laundry services offered. This specialized service means our facility is made to wash cleanroom garments and proper standards are implemented to ensure no foreign particles are contaminating the washed garments.

We are also custom designing, manufacturing and supplying cleanroom garments such as coverall, ESD Booties, Smock, inner garments, medical/professional scrubs for healthcare industry and more.

Company Development Timeline

PACS began operations, supplying laundry service for the cleanroom garments to the Malaysian Cleanroom market. First company in Southeast Asia to rent cleanroom garments and first to operate a Class 10 Cleanroom Laundry facility.

PACS achieved ISO 9001:1994 certification and was once again the first Cleanroom Laundry company to obtain ISO certification and hence set the standards for the cleanroom laundry industry.

To complement its pioneering activities of the cleanroom laundry business, PACS diversified in to the supply of cleanroom consumable materials like gloves, face masks, etc. Since then PACS has been representing and distributing various international brands of cleanroom consumable products like Shield Medicare, a manufacturer of sterile cleanroom disinfectants, Contec, a manufacturer of Cleanroom Cleaning products, Kimberly Clarke/Safeskin gloves and many other manufacturers.

PACS also included Electro Static Control products into its expanding line of cleanroom consumable products. PACS has been appointed the distributor of Ptec Ionizers and NRD static eliminators.

Currently, PACS provides one stop supply solutions to its customers in from North till the South of Malaysia. This includes Penang, Perak, East Coast, Klang Valley and till Johor.

PACS have also built up a strong presence in Singapore and able to provide on site personnel to cater to day to day needs of our customers and to provide improved round the clock services.

In addition to providing high quality cleanroom garments, PACS have started manufacturing medical scrubs using the highly acclaimed COOLMAX fabric that keeps users body temperature regulated and stay cool in this hot & humid tropical climate.

These scrubs are mainly for use in the medical, beauty, healthcare industry where professionals are able to look good and feel comfortable all day long.

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