Amplitude™ EcoCloth™ Wipes

  • AMEC0103(9” x 9”)
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Product Name: Amplitude™ EcoCloth™ Wipes
Material: Hydroentangled cellulose/polyester fabric ,
46% Polyester/54% Cellulose Hydroentangled
Usage: Suitable for Pharmaceutical, Lifescience, Healthcare, microelctronics, Food, manufacturing
Size: 9 inches x 9 inches
Cleanroom Class Suitability: Suitable for Grade A/B or ISO Class 5-8 environments
Technical Details:
  • Recommended for ISO Class 5-8 environments
  • Low basis weight cellulose/polyester wipe with additional loft for greater sorbancy
  • Most sorbent of all cellulose / polyester wipes
  • The lighter weight with the same performance can reduce solid waste in excess of 40%
Remarks/Others: The EcoCloth wipe has been engineered to provide greater thickness in a lighter weight material. Amplitude EcoCloth is a hydroentangled cellulose/polyester fabric with additional loft. It is lightweight but has excellent sorbancy which exceeds comparable standard cellulose/polyester wipes. The increased thickness greatly enhances the sorbent capacity and also makes it easier for operators to pick up one wipe at a time. Amplitude EcoCloth is a cost-effective solution for general purpose applications such as product transfer, wiping to dry and absorbing spills.

Where customers are looking for ways to reduce their solid waste disposal  for either financial or environmental reasons, the combined effect of superior performance and lighter weight gives a potential reduction in solid waste in excess of 40% compared to standard cellulose/polyester wipes. This makes Amplitude Ecocloth a very environmentally friendly choice.

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