UNIVET 611 Polycarbonate

  • 611.S0.00.00 (directly vented)
  • 611.S1.00.00 (indirectly vented)
  • 611.S0.00.01 (directly vented, antifog treated)
  • 611.S1.00.01 (indirectly vented, antifog treated)
  • 042.120M (spare lens)
  • 601.OP.00.99 (rx insert)
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Product Name: UNIVET 611 Polycarbonate
Material: As per details
Usage: Eyewear Protection
Size: Adjustable strap
Cleanroom Class Suitability: All classes of cleanroom
Technical Details:
  • Available with polycarbonate lenses or with Anti-Fog121/Antiscratch coating
  • Available with directly or indirectly ventilation
  • Elastic band in silicone with Quick & Smooth system
  • RX Insert
Remarks/Others: The 611 clean room mask is designed for use in rooms with controlled contaminations (sterile and clean rooms) or in aseptic conditions: its soft structure supports multiple cycles of steam, gamma or beta sterilization without perceptible changes. For maximum adaptability to every user the device has a wide silicone elastic band with an innovative quick adjustment system and can be equipped with an additional RX insert.
Also available version with new Anti-Fog121 coating.
Weight 1 kg
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