KLERCIDE Neutral Detergent

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Product Name: KLERCIDE Neutral Detergent
Material: Fatty alcohol ethoxylate water for injection.
Size: 1L, 5L, Concentrated dose
Usage: It is ideal for use in large areas such as walls, ceilings and floors.
Technical Details: Klercide Neutral Detergent is available in a variety of sizes and formats for optimum performance, including a soluble unit dose concentrate format that makes up to 1 gallon of ready-to-use product.
Remarks/Others: The neutral detergent is 0.2 micron filtered then filled and double bagged in a Grade C cleanroom before being terminally sterilised by gamma irradiation. The product is a sterile ready-to-use detergent for small and large surfaces.

Requires minimal handling to dilute
◢ Effective against oily or sticky spillages
◢ Designed to clean in critical areas

Format: The trigger spray format incorporates the patented SteriShield™ Delivery System (SDS) which ensures the sterility of the contents is preserved throughout use.

Weight 1 kg
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