QuickTask™ Mop TASK0400

  • TASK0400 QuickTask Polyester Knitted Microfiber Mop Head, 16″ x 5″ (41x13cm)
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Product Name: QuickTask™ Mop TASK0400
Material: 100% knitted, cleanroom laundered microfiber polyester
Usage: Flat surfaces
Size: As per specifications
Cleanroom Class Suitability: ISO 4-8 Grade A/B for sterile, C/D for nonsterile
Technical Details:
  • The TASK0400 mop head is manufactured from 100% knitted, cleanroom laundered microfiber polyester making it the cleanest mop head in the range with extremely low levels of particulates. The tubular knit loops making cleaning of cove bases and ceiling/wall joints easier than with standard flat mops. The looped construction is very sorbent, and the mop can be used for application of a wide range of solutions, and to mop dry already wet surfaces.
  • Conform to any shape making it especially suitable for covering bases and wall/floor joint
    Very absorbent and drip-free
  • Compatible with most common solutions, solvents and disinfectants
  • 2740 QuickTask Polypropylene Mop Frame, 16″ x 4.25″ (41x11cm)
    Compatible with handle 2725E with adapter 2758
Remarks/Others: Contec’s QuickTask product line consists of a variety of knitted polyester, polyester/cellulose, microfiber/foam, and microfiber flat mop heads that are easily installed onto a hinged mop head frame and handle assembly.

Each mop head has been specifically chosen to be compatible with a wide range of chemicals and disinfectants including quats and hypochlorite solutions. QuickTask mop head frames are available in stainless steel or durable autoclavable plastic.

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